AIR Flight Training focuses on detailed, scenario-based Piper PA46 training for Malibu, Mirage, Matrix, and Meridian pilots. We arm pilots with the knowledge and experience to react in any situation.  —————————————— 101 years ago this week, Royal Navy Lt. Wilfred Parke became the first aviator to ever recover from a […]

Piper PA-46 Training at Your Home Airport – M600 – Meridian – Mirage – Matrix – Malibu AIR Flight Training is: Insurance Approved FAA Industry Training Standards (FITS) Accepted Train at Your Airport Exceptional Value ABOUT AIR FLIGHT TRAINING’S LEAD INSTRUCTOR INSTRUCTOR: Christopher M. Carmody AIR Flight Training’s lead instructor, […]

Remember, slow to below VO (Maximum Operating Speed) if in a turbine aircraft or VA (Maximum Maneuvering Speed) if in a piston aircraft with respect to your aircraft’s weight prior to starting your descent if turbulence is forecasted or expected. I can’t remember a time when I haven’t had at least moderate […]

Thanks so much for stopping by our brand new website. We hope you took the time to watch our awesome HOMEPAGE VIDEO and also our TESTIMONIAL VIDEO. Take some time, browse the site, and let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you and are looking forward […]